This is a hard topic. It is a topic many of us have heard of or even read about. In fact, based on my initial research, many more have experienced this than I ever could have imagined, and yet, almost no one talks about it.

Whether it’s an seller who is selling products online with no capital behind him, or a buyer who builds a trust on a website and buy certain product ,this is something we are seeing more of in recent years. It is not new; we have seen it before but now, we are seeing a whole lot more of it. I am talking about Fiverr and their scams.

It has now happened to me, at different levels. I started an online startup company to sell my products and created a Fiverr account.

My colleague introduced me to Fiverr and after checking few advertisements about it online I started my first  gig on 21 May 2018.

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Company Name: Paypal
Title of your review: They are not safe! They support scam sites!
More Details: I stupidly ordered a Google Home Maxfrom

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Company Name: Netgear
Title of your review: NO "Startup Button"
More Details: There was NO Startup Button

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Company Name: Netflix
Title of your review: Unauthorized charging
More Details: I have a complaint with Netflix. They’ve been

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